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Анімэ - гэта мастацтва мультыплікацыі зарадзілася яшчэ ў XX ст. на Усходзе, у далёкай Японіі. Але што дзіўна, сваім назвай гэты жанр абавязаны зусім не японскаму слову. Як вы ўжо здагадаліся, слова «анімэ» гэта ўсяго толькі скарачэнне ад ангельскага «animation», якое атрымала паспяховае распаўсюджванне з-за сваёй прастаты вымаўлення.

Аднак, не трэба спяшацца. Бо менавіта спазнаўшы прастату і лёгкасць гэтага дзіўнага жанру, вы магчыма спазнаеце сябе. Японская анімацыя валодае якаснымі адрозненнямі ад сваіх еўрапейскіх субратаў. Уся справа ў адмысловым менталітэце і, вядома ж, арыгінальнай рысоўку. Why download videos from YouTube? You might want to see the movie later, and Internet access will not be. Maybe tomorrow or next hour movie, for whatever reasons, to remove.

We'll show you how to quickly and easily download videos from YouTube to your smartphone, tablet and computer.

YouTube.com - the famous video hosting and the third most popular website in the world. Such successes it has achieved thanks to its convenience and simplicity. However, the ability to download videos from YouTube is somewhat limited. Save video standard means, of course, possible, but to cope with this can not everyone. SaveFrom.net provides the fastest way to download videos from YouTube, at the same time all saved videos will be in the best quality. Choose the easy way, download from YouTube and create on the computer's own video collection.

Often I get asked the question "how to download videos from youtube?". The topic has long been eaten up, nothing new can not say, but if you have reached this page, then the question is still relevant. At first I could not understand why download video from youtube, if it can be viewed online. However, when I had a child, there is a need to upload cartoons to your phone to show the fumes (not always in range of wi-fi), then I, too, wondered download videos from youtube. There are many different options for downloading videos from the youtube, I'm going to tell you about the four proven and very convenient way, which he enjoyed. You can choose for yourself the most convenient way for you.

This service appeared not so long ago, but has already gained popularity due to the wide functionality. There is a free version that allows you to do all that is necessary for most users (download videos and music from youtube, rutube, vimeo, dailymotion, facebook). The paid version (premium) will suit the more "professional" users, and allows you to download the entire playlist or channel with one click, convert video to different formats, download private records from Youtube and Facebook, download subtitles, add ID3 tags to MP3 files and much more.

To use this method, you need to install the program on your computer youtubebyclick. Once installed, open the program, select the folder to which you will download the files, choose the format and quality, insert a link to a video, and a new job appears in the window with the download status. If you need something more, for example, to download a one-touch fully the entire channel (or playlist) you can buy a subscription to the paid version, it costs cheap and would be a good choice for professionals (for example, if you want to make your channel with compilations jokes, Kouba and etc. - choose the premium version).

I admit, this is my favorite way to download videos from YouTube. The simplicity of this method allows you to download videos in any browser, without having to install extensions and add-ons.

To download a video, you need to open a video you are interested in the address bar, youtube to add characters to the end that turned youtubeto.com instead youtube.com as a screenshot and press Enter.

After pressing Enter, you will be redirected to the website youtubeto.com, where you will see a link to the video source, length of the video clip, its name and most importantly, a button with a choice of quality of stored video. Immediately you are asked to choose three options for downloading: MP3 (audio only from video), MP4 (video in normal quality) and MP4 HD (video in HD-quality). text

February 2nd, 2014

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